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Insulation Extraction

Using specialist tools and machinery, Certainfil Insulation can remove defective cavity wall insulation, causing little disturbance to the building or the inhabitants of the home. Certainfil can undertake the extraction of Rockwool, White wool, and loose bead insulation products from the cavity walls of domestic houses or apartments.


  • Poorly installed mineral wool or fibre type insulation can sink in the cavity and with time may become moist or damp. With time the insulation property of such material can be greatly reduced and even start to have a negative effect.If you imagine the annology of a man working outside wearing a t-shirt. If his shirt was to be wet the body heat would be absorbed by water in the shirt and the man maybe warmer with no shirt at all.As the wet shirt is keeping him cold. The same thing can happen with the fabric of your home.
  • Poorly installed cavity wall insulation, installed with an incorrect drilling pattern or at the wrong density can result in damp and condensation issues.

How is old insulation Removed?

The redundant cavity wall insulation is removed using an industrial vacuum , Small holes similar to those used to installing insulation are drilled and high pressure directional air is used to drive old insulation to extraction points. The same holes are used again for installing the new silver bonded beads but only once the cavity has been inspected and seen to be completely clear.

Redundant insulation is automatically bagged by the vaccum .Which is then removed and disposed of.

Materials that can be extracted

  • Whitewool Glass Mineral
  • Rockwool Mineral Fibre
  • Poorly bonded beads

All of our cavity wall extraction teams are trained to the highest standards, and adhere to KIWA guidelines.

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