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Loft Insulation

Current building control regulations require approximately 300 mm (12 inches) of insulation to be installed to roofspace areas. Most properties will have some insulation installed to their roofspace (often 100 mm) and therefore homeowners often think they are adequately insulated.

The regulations were amended as part of the overall plan to meet the EU CO2 emissions targets for Northern Ireland and the UK by addressing the poor thermal efficiency of homes, to reduce heat loss and therefore improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. The additional benefit to the homeowner is reduced fuel bills and a warmer home.

Loft Insulation

Insulate your loft while still keeping your storage area

In an effort to encourage more people to install the required amount of loft insulation we have introduced our innovative loft storage solution. Where we can install raised storage platforms above the government recommended 270-300mm of loft insulation.

Loft storage Isover G3 Touch mineral wool insulation Loft Insulation
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